Handmade ornate design

For over 40 years we have lovingly handcrafted delicate wooden mosaics for musical instruments in our family business. They include string instruments and harmonica, as well as custom-made products and inlays for conservators and carpenters. In addition to our comprehensive standard range of products, we also offer individual productions according to customer requirements. Our customers worldwide include small instrument makers as well as leading manufacturers and resellers.

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»Everything we produce is made by hand. I love that this is a special craft that very few people have specialized in. Thanks to be a hobby guitar player, I also have a personal connection to our products and the instruments. And it's a beautiful feeling that the workshop is still part of the family.«

Oliver Rost

Personal advice

As a manufacturer, we specialize in high-quality and individual solutions and we will support you with your instrument making as best as we can. Contact us! We will advise you personally!

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