for wooden mosaics

Located in the idyllic Hunsrück village of Macken, surrounded by meadows and forests, the workshop, which has been in the Rost family since 1980, made a name for itself nationally and internationally under the management of Karin Rost. In 2016, her son Oliver Rost, who grew up next to the workshop, gave up his job to take over his parents' workshop and continue the tradition. Oliver helped in the workshop during his school days and learned the artful craft of making wooden mosaics. He is now a father himself and is happy when one of his daughters peeks into the workshop, as he did as a child. His customers from all over Europe, South Africa, Australia, Asia, the US, Brazil and Canada appreciate the precise and high-quality craftsmanship from the Macken manufactory, where everything is still made, sawed and glued by hand.

From the log to the mosaic

The main material of our artistic mosaics, which adorn numerous instruments, is wood veneer - in different colors and widths and made from different woods. The veneer is made specifically for us from whole logs cut to exact size. In our workshop, in a series of steps, we then dye the wood by hand, put it together, glue it and saw it up again – all the way to the finished mosaic. Thus, in elaborate manual work, we create delicate patterns and designs.



Personal advice

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